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Superior CES Conveying SystemsCONVEYOR SYSTEMS & LOAD OUT

Superior Contracting & Environmental Specialties designs and builds conveyors for all types of material including coal, woodchips, grain, ores and rock. Over many years, Superior has designed, supplied, and constructed stackers, trippers, shuttles, feeders and plant conveyors. Superior Contracting & Environmental Specialties also designs and builds chain conveyors for bulk materials as well as piece handling equipment such as mail and parcels, board handling conveyors and similar.

Belt Conveyors

  • High Angle Conveyors
  • Overland Conveyors with Multiple Drives
  • Declining Conveyors with Regenerative Conditions
  • Shuttle Conveyors
  • Reversing Conveyors
  • Horizontal Curve Conveyors

Superior CES Conveyor SystemsTrippers

  • Traveling, self-propelled, motorized trippers
  • Trippers with single or two-way chutes with flop gates
  • Seal belt arrangements to prevent dust problems
  • Dual driven with motor brakes
  • Rail clamps manual/motorized
  • Festoon/Cable reel power and control wiring
  • Unit may be equipped with optional dust suppression or dust collection system
  • Control panels are local/remote

Stackers / Reclaimers

  • Radial Stacker
  • Circular Stacker Recalimer
  • Fixed Stacker
  • Twin Boom Stacker
  • Linear Travelling Stacker
  • Twin Boom Scraper Recalimer
  • Portal Reclaimer
  • Semi Portal Recalimer
  • Bridge Recalimer
  • Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer